Canada is just our northern territory

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Canada is just our northern territory

Post by marika3 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:44 am

Now I've seen it all in TradeMe land...

A week ago sold small 80c lot to "John" from Nelson.
A few days later he advised me that he is Fergus from Canada, and can pay by international bank draft by mail, for which he needs my postal address.
He did not ask questions before bidding. My first thought was that he is Kiwi on overseas holiday, but then, reading his feedback, I found that he trades from Canada for many YEARS.
I said that would post to Canada, if he arranges bank deposit - the only payment method I accept on these lots - through his relatives or friends in NZ.
He then sent me numerous emails with sorrow stories of his life, on how bank draft "as good as cash", and even with names and email addresses of other TM sellers who would certify he is good reliable buyer.

Link to auction ... 1122306785

Buyer's feedback ... er=1468696
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