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Welcome: The Rules of this Site

Post by digidog » Fri Apr 22, 2005 8:13 am


The people who founded this organisation are all active members of TradeMe. In 2003 we discovered a whole pile of organised scams happening on TM and had contact with genuine victims who had been ripped off. We tried to alert TM to this fact.

They disabled our message board privileges. Gee thanks, guys!

The purpose of this site has always been to encourage active discussion of the scams that are currently happening on TM and to make our members aware of what a scam looks like. We also do our best to alert TM to the scams that are operating on their site at any particular time. They don't really like it but every now and then they say "thank you". We really appreciate that.

We've turned out to be the best place to discuss this subject, as we've found that TradeMe actively discourages any debate in this area. Anyone who frequents the TradeMe message boards will know that "The Community Voted to remove this Message" is a pseudonym for "TM didn't like that."

We're certainly not out to bag TM. We all use and like the site.

We see these forums as a large, friendly, growing community. If we feel that any member is detrimental to the membership of others, or in general has a negative effect on the community, we will remove that member. Be nice, play fair and you'll fit right in. It's a bit of a mantra for life, really.

Note that anyone who:
1. Uses this site makes personal attacks on other members

2. Uses obscenities in any post

3. Creates multiple identities

4. Attempts to revive a closed thread under any other title

5. Attempts to use the site for commercial gain

... will be banned from using these forums. This applies to all members.

1. Views posted by members do not necessarily reflect those of the site owner(s).
2. Personal information being posted in the public forums should only have been sourced from existing info already in the public domain.
3. If a member is unsure, or has gained info from a private source, that it should be sent to a site administrator for review before posting.
4. Members are, and can be personally held, responsible for their own posts. Please think before you post.
5. We advise users to make their own, independent inquiries before acting on any information received via these forums.

TradeMe caters for New Zealanders and Australians only. For this reason we generally only allow membership to residents of those two countries. If you are from another country and have a valid reason for wanting to join ScamBusters, please email admin@scambusters.co.nz and we'll see what we can do for you.

If you are from Russia, Korea, Ukraine or any
other high risk country; or if you join to promote
Viagra, other meds, sex sites or anything similar
we will delete your membership immediately.
So please don't waste your time.

Thanks for your cooperation, and hey... enjoy the site!

You'll like this place.


Oh... and when you register, please put your actual location please. "New Zealand" or "NZ" is just a little too broad. Thanks!



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