Dont bother trying to report it to the bank!!!

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Dont bother trying to report it to the bank!!!

Post by julia46 » Wed May 31, 2006 1:40 pm

I get at least one scam a week from Nigera requesting paintings and then phones blablabla.
I had one particular persistant chap from Nigeria e.mailing me over and over so decided to get the (usual) YAWN.. 4 different visa cards and their numbers off him and rang them through to the BNZ fraud office, who put me onto the WESTPAC fraud office who wanted to no if i was wanting an authorisation number...
Er no, Im reporting FRAUD...
So you dont want an authorisation number..
Er no, Isn't this the fraud office ive been directed through to..
Well yes, but i thought you wanted an authorisation number...
NO, Im reporting stolen credit card numbers and i would like to report them.
Let me give you the number of the bank of the man who's name is on the credit card.
(gives me number)
(rings number)
(Very Foreign accent barely audible answers the phone)
Yes id like to give you the credit card details of several stolen card numbers..
Can you put me through to the right department...
Sorry, You will have to ring a 1800 number.
Duh, They wont go through from New Zealand.

I eventually hung up in disgust.(half my day was taken up trying to help the poor sods who had had their card numbers nicked..
Who knows who to ring where they will take fraud of credit cards seriously.
No point throwing your toys out of the pram unless there's someone there to pick them up..

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