Fraid so. For a couple of reasons.

Back in 2003 a Romanian group was running dozens of scam auctions on TradeMe every day. A small group of TM members warned others via the message boards, but TM took no significant action against the scammers. We kept posting scams soon after they were listed -- TradeMe responded by withdrawing our message board rights to shut us up. ScamBusters was formed the same day and eventually grew to almost 5,000 registered users. Over 15 years we've helped hundreds of victims of TM frauds, busted a major art fraud being operating on TradeMe -- the Peter Vink saga -- and helped to inspire the company to clean up its act.

It took far too long but TM's attitude towards security and scams eventually evolved as the company became more professional. The international scammers are mainly gone. Nowadays a TM buyer's main worry is people selling non-existent goods, petty crims hawking stolen wares and offshore marine biologists trying to buy cars in NZ as part of some money-laundering scam.

Regulars will have noticed that we've been phasing down ScamBusters over the past couple of years. The remaining admins are getting older and frankly, a site populated by semi-anonymous members posting potentially libellous information about individuals on a daily basis can be a nightmare to administrate at times.
Thanks to everyone for your contributions over the years. It's time to shut up shop.

Stay safe, age gracefully and go well into the future.

Alfie, Peter & Marina